Youth Class

Aikido is a perfect martial art for children. Like all martial arts, it teaches self-discipline and etiquette as well as a method of self-defense, and fosters confidence and self-esteem in children as they begin to master the art. But, unlike other arts that teach aggressive blows, Aikido is a purely defensive art. Aikido is unique in that it emphasizes using only the minimum force necessary for self-defense.

This is perfect for parents who want to balance the desire to teach their children to be non-violent with the desire to equip their children to deal with a violent world. Aikido training teaches these skills to children while avoiding the aggressive, "power ranger/mutant ninja turtle" syndrome.

Aikido Recommended as a Martial Art for Your Child in the September 10-12-2004 Parade magazine, Aikido was recommended as the appropriate art for a child who is being bullied. The article stated:

"In Aikido you don’t hit and punch, so you won’t get in trouble for fighting in school. But you’ll be able to defend yourself by using your attacker’s energy and momentum against him. Also, Aikido teaches you to have a calm and impassive mind, so teasing bothers you less, and you don’t react out of anger and fear."

Your child does not have to be physically strong to become proficient in Aikido: our non-competitive defensive strategies are practiced at your child’s own pace. Some of the issues addressed in training include:

  • Bullying
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Instilling discipline
  • Avoiding fights

The primary skills and qualities developed through Aikido training are:

  • Positive attitude
  • Patience
  • Self-confidence
  • Greater concentration
  • Improved focus
  • Enhanced perception

Give your child the opportunity to develop self-mastery, patience, confidence, and relaxation through a highly effective, nonviolent self-defense system that is fun to practice and safe to learn.

Read what parents and children say about their experience with Aikido.

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