Regular Class

In Aikido class, we begin with a series of stretches and warm-up exercises, and then progress to practicing technique. There is no such thing as an advanced or a beginning technique in Aikido. The art instead consists of a large number of techniques that we first learn, then refine through constant practice. Thus, classes contain students of all levels of expertise.

Typically, the instructor will demonstrate a technique, and then the class will pair up and practice the technique. Each member of a pair of students alternates at playing “attacker” and “defender”; in essence, they become learning partners, helping each other to learn by exploring a technique from both points of view. With each new technique, students practice with different members of the class, without regard to rank. It is thus a profoundly cooperative and egalitarian learning system. It is also highly effective.

We also do exercises to develop “ki”. This is an Eastern concept that can be loosely translated as “life force” (think of The Force in Star Wars). Various people and schools interpret ki in a variety of ways, and endless arguments ensue about its nature. At Aikido Kokikai Wilmington, we think these arguments are fun (sort of like arguing which was the best baseball team of all time), but leave the nature of ki to the individual student. What we train ourselves to do, however, is try and develop the right “feeling” of relaxation and centeredness that allows us to do techniques effortlessly.

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